my words..

go out ‘n see the sky..
U’ll find a lot of star is shining bright..
but there’s one of them almost die..
cause too expect can ask U dreaming tonight..

> I wish..
morning..wish for drinking coffee from U
day..wish for doing job with U
evening..wish for walking arround beside U
night..wish for dreaming in U

> My heart say..
hate U..cause U’re far ‘n far away
leave U..cause can’t stand to see U go with another guy
hate myself..cause can’t forget U although I’ve try
kill myself..cause U’r beauty makes me expecting to die



  1. mitra Said:

    cuit cuit…!!!! Cieeeeh…

  2. Kunto Said:

    cie…… pujangga qta

  3. amie Said:

    ho..ho..jelas..sppun tau itu..

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